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Re: [PLUG] Tech jobs and politics, and IT diploma mills

> Even in Philadelphia Public Schools, the starting salaries are enormous 

Really?  That's news to me.  My mom is a Special Ed teacher in the
Philadelphia Public School system.  She's been teaching for a while,
some of it in Catholic School, yet a significant number of years in
public schools, and I felt awefully funny making the same amount of
money as her yearly, for my first job after graduating college (and I
make significantly less than the average for web developers in this
area).  Kinda not really "fair", considering I am basically doing web
stuff to make a company richer, while my mom is helping make the lives
of autistic, learning disabled, etc kids better.  Oh and I don't have to
worry about non-supportive parents and misbehaving kids.  I generally
don't have to worry about people sneaking weapons in here, or walking
out into my parking lot after work to find my car gone, or broken into.
And there aren't drug dealers on the block in Delaware County where I
get to work, or shootouts in the area.  Yaay!  Luckily now she's gotten
the opportunity to teach in a nicer area (the Northeast.)

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