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Re: [PLUG] Community Service Project (Devil's


I can't believe you guys are debating giving C or Perl to low-income elementary school students. These are kids who are probably not even reading at their proper grade level. I bet that a good bunch of these kids won't even be able to read the man pages for some of these packages, let alone put them to use.

IMHO, they need simple software that helps them learn and doesn't get in their way. A web browser, a simple word processor, chat client, simple email, educational games. Some good examples have already been mentioned. There might be more at the K12-Linux project home page.

I don't think it's kind to give a poor person something that will either cost them money to maintain (license upgrades) or provoke them into breaking the law (SW pirate). Free software seems to be the most-moral way to go in this type of endeavor. Second graders shouldn't be worrying about the job prospects of one OS or another. They need to learn how to read, type, surf, search, and to use the computer (any computer) as a tool.

At 10:31 AM 7/11/2003 -0400, you wrote:
Most of the kids will say they want games, and cool chat software. Some
may want programming stuff, if they're incipient geeks. The parents will
want more than that for the kids.

That's been my experience with the younger (< 12 or so) crowd, anyway.

> Linux:
>   Pre-installed with:
>     - web browser (value $0)
>     - full office suite(s) (value $300?)
>     - programming languages (value $500?)

Well, there is a free version of C for Windows, I believe. Ditto for perl,
python, etc.

>     - web page editor(s) (value $79.95?)

Front Page Express on Windows is a web editor, and is free. And web pages
can be edited using open Office these days, I believe.

>     - image/graphics software (Gimp) (value $200?)

Gimp is available for Windows, and is free.

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