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Re: [PLUG] smashing php caching crashing -- ready for server thrashing

On Thu, 2003-07-17 at 20:06, Michael F. Robbins wrote:

> Honestly, performance was not my primary concern, and my decision was out
> of convenience.  The specific app already had a [persistent] db connection
> open for each page load, so the performance hit would be minimized.  I
> have little doubt that writing to the FS would be faster, but I also
> wanted to simplify my configuration with PHP's "safe mode" and filesystem
> restrictions.  I really just liked the idea of keeping all of the dynamic
> data in one place -- in the DB.  And, if I remember correctly, the
> implementation is about 30 lines of code long.

Very common setup. Especially when there's more than one server in the
www cluster. Makes sharing sessions/load balancing easier. File based
sessions result in you needing to implement sticky sessions (sort of
defeats the purpose of clustering for the purposes of load
balancing/fault tolerance).

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