Art Alexion on 27 Mar 2005 16:32:25 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Re: Need to reinstall grub

Jeff Kaufman wrote:

Art Alexion wrote:

I intend to install another hard drive that I have laying around.  I
don't want to make this more complicated than it has to be.  That is, I
don't want to mess up anything that points to hdb (slave on primary IDE)
by removing the shot drive and making hdb, hda.  I guess, I'll make the
new drive the master (the way it was before).
Then again, my linux system (the only one I really use on this machine)
is on hdb2 because it evolved that way.  That is, originally installed
Red Hat as a dual boot on hda2.  Got hdb installed and made hdb1 the
/home partition for Red Hat.  Installed Ubuntu on hdb2 and after
insuring that I liked and could get work done on it, zapped Red Hat from
hda2 and used the partition to store ogg files.  Kept windows on hda1 in
case I needed to use it to maintain this non-standard-seeming Compaq
hardware.  Never have.

So, if it isn't hard, in terms of messing up the installed distro to
make the remaining drive the primary (hda), maybe I should do that and
keep the new drive for the ogg files as hdb. suggestions?

If you can't set your BIOS to boot your primary slave first, you are going to need something in there that the BIOS can boot to. And that is what needs grub on the mbr. So you could either:

1) Install your music drive now as the primary master and put grub in
its hda.  This would not require changing BIOS settings, but would
require formatting it from knoppix, setting it to be bootable with
cfdisk, and setting up grub in its mbr.

2) Switch your linux drive to be the primary master. You would not have
to change BIOS settings but you would have to set it bootable. You
would probably have to fix /etc/fstab to switch hdb for hda, but
probably nothing else.

Thanks, Jeff.  I think I will do option 2 as it seems to make more sense.

On a related note, the drive I intend to install is an ATA100 that I had bought for an old Pentium 75. I had to buy this pci card from Maxtor/Promise and connect it there rather than the IDE bus. The machine I plan to connect it to is newer, so I don't know if I should install it via the promise card or just to the IDE bus.
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