Jason Costomiris on 18 May 2005 16:40:00 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Mac client, Linux server(s)

On 5/17/05, Luke Renn <goseigen@comcast.net> wrote:
> Should work fine, however, you may have to use hex passcodes.  For
> some reason my mac won't connect to my wireless network with string
> passcodes.  To use hex, just put a $ in the password field before
> entering the hex.

Wow, you must be running an old Mac OS..  You haven't had to the $
trick for quite some time.  Look in that drop down list, you'll see
hex as one of your options..

The root cause of this problem is the linksys itself.  Linksys insists
on using some sort of algorithm that nobody else uses to convert a wep
password into a hex wep key.  If you pick a 13-character ASCII key
value, you should then be able to convert that to hex, and use that
falue on the Linksys.  You then use the ASCII key on the Mac.

> It does work.  I think you just have to add printer smb://<ip to
> hobbes>/<printer name>.  If you have workgroups setup you should be
> able to browse to it.  Its been a while since I've played with my
> iBook on my network though.

Command+K to open a share, smb://....  as you said.  To setup the
printer, just open the Printer Setup Utility in Applications/Utilties.

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