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Re: [PLUG] ISPs (again)

William H. Magill wrote:

On 18 Aug, 2005, at 11:04, Jeff Abrahamson intoned:

And, Cosmin, how are you looking at getting 3 Mb / 768 Kb in the city?
How much are you looking at paying for that?

That (3x768) is now (as of 1 July, I believe) the standard DSL rate  for
Verizon new installs.

If you have an old "Business rate" 1.5/364 DSL from DCAnet using
Verizon DSL, you can get it upgraded to the new 3/768 and actually  save
money! (I just got mine dropped from $102.10, including taxes,  per
month ($306.30 quarterly)  to something around $80 per month -- I
haven't gotten a full month bill yet. But you have to ask them.) The
upgrade was invisible. I have an ORIGINAL Bell Atlantic Westel modem
and it just started running at the higher speed after they reset the
DSLAM in the CO. [I've been a DCAnet customer for a LONG time --  since
Verizon was Bell Atlantic -- on the Evergreen CO in University  City.]

Verizon currently advertises their 3m DSL for $49 per month (3  months)
in their bill inserts. They only charge DCA net a couple of  bucks less
than that so their charge to you is more than Verizon's.  And after the
most recent supreme court decision, it is likely to go up.

Supposedly Cavalier (Cavtel) now offers 10m DSL in Phila (at least in
the University City area). However, I don't know of anyone with that

BTW... my verizon phone line is $15.70 per month (including taxes.)
It's a "lifeline" service or some such, with no designated long-
distance carrier. Convincing them to terminate the automatic long
distance carrier is both difficult and the key to the lower rate.

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I have had dsl from Verizon for about 3 weeks now. I signed on with
their advertised package of the first 3 months-$19.95/Mo., and
subsequently $29.95/Mo.. The speed is 3 Mb / 768 Kb. I checked it
through, and the speed is indeed as advertised.

Stewart B Lone

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