William H. Magill on 29 Aug 2005 00:43:48 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Connecting a Mac to a Linux server running IP Masq

On 28 Aug, 2005, at 08:53, Art Alexion intoned:
I can now establish an Internet connection on the iBook, but having
trouble with certain sites. Some pop up instantly (google, CNN), others
load slowly (BBC, Apple), and others (most) won't load at all (Yahoo,
OpenOffice.org). I'm thinking this is a DNS issue, but I pointed the
iBook to the same Verizon DNS servers that are working fine on the
Ubuntu and win2k machines.

The speed with which a site loads has nothing to do with the DNS, but rather with Network Topology. Many "popular" sites use "caching services" such as Akamai, to speed their load times.

Since you have a new iBook, I assume you have 10.4.2 (Tiger).

Open a terminal window (Applications/Utilities/terminal) and use "netinfo" or "dig" to see how fast the actual DNS queries return. You can then use "traceroute" to see what the actual path and response times to various servers happen to be.

As for Verizon... they have apparently made some kind of significant change in the past week or so. I have suddenly found my host blacklisted and unable to communicate with others on verizon.com. So far, Verizon has not bothered to return any of my communications with them.

Verizon has never supported Macs, so that you are having problems using one if they have changed things recently would not be surprising.

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