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Re: [PLUG] Verizon blacklist? (was: Connecting a Mac to a Linux server running IP Masq)

On 29 Aug, 2005, at 11:23, Mike Leone intoned:

William H. Magill (magill@mcgillsociety.org) had this to say on 08/28/05 at 20:44:

As for Verizon... they have apparently made some kind of significant
change in the past week or so. I have suddenly found my host
blacklisted and unable to communicate with others on verizon.com. So
far, Verizon has not bothered to return any of my communications with

You got put on an email blacklist? I didn't know that Verizon maintained such lists
of their own. Can you elaborate a bit?

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
(reason: 550 Email from your Email Service Provider is currently blocked by Verizon Online's anti-spam system... Email Service Provider may visit http://www.verizon.net/whitelist and request removal of the block.)

This started happening about 2 weeks ago.

The implication from their whitelist questionnaire implies that they are now employing SPF -- Sender Policy Framework -- http:// spf.pobox.com/ -- which appears to be a proprietary, or otherwise not widely adopted new protocol.

From the spf website.

"If you are a technology enthusiast or early adopter comfortable with tweaking your mail server, go to the downloads page."

Verizon's whitelist page contains the following statement:

"*Verizon Online reserves the right to restrict access to or from any domain provided at its sole discretion. The information provided to Verizon Online must be wholly correct or the request may be rejected. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide a solution that enables you to send or receive e-mail from a restricted source."

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