Matthew Rosewarne on 14 Jun 2007 22:09:41 -0000

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On Thursday 14 June 2007, jeff wrote:
> It's a shame the FF IE viewer isn't available for linux....
> Have you tried Epiphany?  It seems to be closer (in my 3 attempts at it).

Epiphany uses the same HTML rendering engine as Firefox does, so the output 
should be identical.  However, this whole "VPN" thing seems to be dependant 
on the Windows networking API, not something you can use with anything but IE 
running on Windows (and hopefully wine).

On Thursday 14 June 2007, Art Alexion wrote:
> Are you referring to native Linux apps accessing the wine-enabled VPN?  Or
> are you saying that the whole VPN thing won't work under wine?  If it is
> the former, we can download the network files via the VPN "file manager"
> and then upload them again after editing rather than. for example, 
> worrying about opening a spreadsheet directly with OpenOffice or gnumeric.

The former.  Hopefully the "VPN" program will work fine under wine with IE.

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