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Re: [PLUG] OT: Comcast & Mail Servers

On Fri, Jan 11, 2008 at 09:36:38PM -0500, Brian Vagnoni wrote:
> Well there have been some interesting developments with Comcast and their quest to make the internet safe & controlled for their users. I can see them as well as other ISP's quickly becoming like AOL. However, there is a glimmer of hope for the enthusiast. All of my servers are in my home a residential account with Comcast along with my residential TV. Apparently there has been a change of heart or mind set at Comcast. They are now allowing people with residential service to obtain "unrestricted" business class high speed accounts without changing their residential TV service. These business class accounts are the same amount of money as the residential ones, and you are allowed to host whatever you "pretty much" want within reason. They will also provide the much desired reverse lookups for your domain name along with 5 to 13 static WAN IP's. I'm getting an 8x1 line for $89.95/month 2 year contract(the only think I don't like but you can transfer it to another address as long as Comcast can service it). For the same ADSL2 8x1 is like $149.00/month. When this major shift happened I'm not sure. I remember that I couldn't even get a return phone call from the business department when I told them I was a residential user not too long ago. I will keep people posted on this and how the service is.

Intriguing.  My local comcast business rep told me just yesterday that I
could get a 6m/down 768k/up for $63/month with a 1-3 year contract and 
one static IP address.  It was tempting and I almost bit, but then 
decided to ask about what equipment I could run.  He stated that I would 
have to let them install an unservicable (by me) gateway.  FWIU the 
option would exist to use it as a bridge but I would still not be able 
to circumvent their firewall.

Either way it would not beat DSL, however I simply do not know how to 
find out if the service in my area is of acceptable quality.

Maybe I ought to look into DCA or some other alternative.  It would be 
great to host everything locally except for the heavy-traffic stuff.

As for this residential blocking port 25 ruckus, what is stopping me 
from hosting my mail server at home presently has nothing to do with 
that, as it is not a problem for me.  Outbound port 25 is not blocked on 
my connection.  The problem for me is that my IP address is in a PBL.  

James Barrett

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