Brent Saner on 19 Jan 2008 18:03:56 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] One True OS

seconded. ever try explaining to a tech-clueless doctor how to add virtual desktops to his gnome-panel desktop-switcher over the PHONE? doesn't happen easily. "panel? you mean this?" "no, that's your application menu..."

i don't see Linux on the desktop as being any easier or harder than windows, i just see it BETTER (stability, upgrading software, security, features, etc.). there's a learning curve both ways. talk to oldschool unix guys who are used to blackbox or something; when they sit down in front of an xp machine, they're CLUELESS.

On Jan 19, 2008 7:25 PM, W. Chris Shank <> wrote:
Have you actually ever administered someone else's Linux desktop
remotely. It's not the same as a Linux server. You need to "see" their
problem, just like on Windows. See how you feel after spending a half
day trying to get your clients new HP MFC to do network scanning in a
way that is even begins to approach what they were able to do with
Windows 98.

Desktop Linux is no easier to administer than Desktop Windows. Both
are fairly straightforward if you spend the time to get things setup
right before it hits the users desk.

Brent Saner

Bill Gates is to hacking as Sid Vicious was to the Sex Pistols: no talent, everyone hates him, and he's just in it for the fame and money.
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