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Re: [PLUG] speaking of ati drivers...

On Sunday 20 January 2008, Art Alexion wrote:
> Any ideas on how to fix some problems I am having with radeon and kaffeine.
>  I prefer the kaffeine interface to mplayer gxine vlc, etc., but some files
> sometimes drop you out of X, or display as moving Jackson Pollack
> paintings. The same stuff plays in mplayer and xine, but I prefer the
> kaffeine interface.  The problem is only occurring on the radeon video, and
> the same version of kaffeine with the same files has no problem on another
> machine with onboard intel video.

Kaffeine uses xine to play videos, you can see the xine options 
under "Settings" -> "xine Engine Parameters".  Your ATI card might not have 
full support for whatever video driver is being used, though I don't expect 
that Kaffeine and xine-ui would be choosing different video drivers.

It could be that it's not xine that's causing the problems, but Kaffeine's 
deinterlacer (same as used in the "tvtime" application).  Try disabling it 
under "Player" -> "Video" by unchecking "Deinterlace".  If that fixes it, you 
might be able to still use the deinterlacer by adjusting the settings, which 
you can find under "Player" -> "Video" -> "Deinterlace Quality".

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