John Kirk on 2 Feb 2008 08:15:45 -0800

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[PLUG] meetings announcement web page needs maintenance

Paul, Elizabeth, or whomever,

  This month's (February) PLUG West announcement shows "Unisys, Malvern" as the
location of the meeting, but I believe it's really scheduled to meet at Bhaskar's
facility nearby, instead.

  I'd hate to see folks miss a good presentation and feel annoyed, but don't know
how to update the announcement page myself.

  On another note, the next month (March) I'm scheduled to give a PDL talk, but
we don't have a specific date entered for it.  Are we still undecided about that,
and have to discuss it at this month's meeting before we can fill that in on the
announcements page?

         regards,   -- John Kirk
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