James Barrett on 2 Mar 2008 13:45:22 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Domain registrar thoughts and Mediawiki

On Sun, Mar 02, 2008 at 04:19:16PM -0500, JP Vossen wrote:
> I am (of course) aware of GoDaddy.com, and that was the recommendation 
> x3 in 2005, but they bug me, partly because I find their site really 
> noisy (though dotearth may be even worse).  They *are* a cheaper, 
> especially if I want to go for a 1 year for $9.99.  Any recommendations, 
> or should I just Get Over It and use GoDaddy?

Godaddy is cheap.  If you get five or more domains at once, then you 
might possibly be able to get free private registration for all of them.

Seriously, I have about 30+ domains registered with them.  The hosting 
is horrendous - they do goofy stuff like forbid .htaccess rewrite rules 
for .php filenames.  Also, do not bother with their email services.  
However, they do registrations and domain services very well.  In fact 
it is safe to say that the only thing they do well is domain name 

> I'm a bit wary of checking the names, given the recent domain name 
> tasting/front-running issues 
> (http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/01/08/1920215).

dig(1) will safely tell you if the domain name points somewhere, 
although if someone has it registered but simply not pointing to 
nameservers then it might not show up in dig output (someone correct me 
if I'm wrong!).  This is a hell of a lot safer than a whois request if 
you are worried about front-running.  All dig does is query your domain 
name server to see if the domain points anywhere.

James Barrett

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