Julien Mills on 19 Mar 2008 06:33:51 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Linux distribution for virtuous machines


> What is a good Linux distribution to use for building virtual
> machines?  I previously used DSL (damnsmalllinux.org), but I need a
> 2.6 kernel and a more contemporary selection of packages.  VM size is
> important - both Debian Stable and Ubuntu server VMs are bigger than
> DSL, but I don't need a graphical desktop - just character mode.  Any
> recommendations on distros I can use to get me a small character mode
> VM with a 2.6 kernel?

I don't know what size it would be... you could install slackware, it
allows you to uncheck all the X packages and all the other stuff you 
don't need at the beginning of the install.  I imagine it would be
on the smallish side.

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