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Re: [PLUG] Asterisk problem

On Wed, Jul 2, 2008 at 11:15 AM, TuskenTower <tuskentower@gmail.com> wrote:

>> Since when is it your job to assume that I am "policing" rather than discussing?

> Your hostility prompted my response.  You are most certainly not
> discussing.  More like a diatribe against Doug for doing something
> that you perceive as a waste of time.

No hostility, at least not in the original discussions with Doug. No
diatribe, either. I simply asked him a question, if the continued
effort was worth his time, since he was having continued problems,
over time, on something that he obviously needed. If you saw it as
hostility, that was not my intention. So I am sorry about that.

>> I've done the same - kept after a problem trying to get something to
>> work "because I can". I've past the point of spending too much time
>> banging my head against a wall. There are other things I can do (even
>> computer-related) than just keep worrying at a problem, when I might
>> consider a different solution.
> See, this is what confuses me.  Why is it ok for you to do your thing,
> but not ok for Doug, or anyone else for that matter, to do his/her
> thing?

Again, you misunderstand. I said I have done things that way, and come
to the conclusion that *sometimes* there are better ways, than just
continuing down the same path the same way. I asked/suggested/wondered
if this might be the same with Doug - that there were better ways,
since he seems to have continued problems doing it the way he has been
doing it.

And that's it. Nothing more, nothing less (at least, not with Doug).
As I said to him, if it seemed otherwise, that was not my intention.
You sure seemed to jump on me, tho. And I suppose I jumped back. And
so I am sorry I jumped on you.

So, I will rephrase - perhaps Doug should consider another approach to
solving his problem (which is that he needs a PBX that works the way
he wants). If he chooses to continue on with his current setup, that's
fine. If he chooses to consider a different approach, that, too, is
fine. Doug should do what is best for Doug. I was offering
alternatives. Obviously, my offering was seen/came across as more
than/different from what I intended. Sorry for the dust-up.

I hope Doug gets his problems resolved in whatever way makes Doug
happiest. I assume that's what you want, too. And so, back to other
Linux-related stuff ...

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