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Re: [PLUG] Replacing a Series 1 Tivo with MythTV?

On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 11:32 PM, Alex Valentine <asv@ivoss.com> wrote:
> HD is a mess right now in the DIY market. I evaluated all the options
> last year after being a big myth proponent for years, and I  ended up
> getting a Tivo HD with no regrets.
>  I'm really happy with the Tivo HD + Cable Cards + FIOSTV. Its not
> cheap, but if your willing to spend the money, its the best HD option.
> Alex Valentine
> http://www.alexvalentine.org
>> ----- "Jeff Bailey" <skydiver38@comcast.net> wrote:
>>> Do you have any specific recommendations for HD?

I'll second Alex's assessment.  DIY HD is a bit of a mess.

The cost of buying a Tivo HD is cheaper ($300) than a decent MythTv
setup (~$700) and eliminates the need to figure out what to buy.  The
cost of the service for, say, 3 yrs is $300.  You'll probably need to
buy external storage ($100 for 750GB) to boost the recording capacity
from 20hrs of HD content.  At that price, you are roughly equal the
cost of the MythTv setup in 3 yrs.  Add a backend/frontend setup, and
the cost of MythTv goes up.

>From the MythTv.org wiki there are two pages of interest:

However, if you don't care about cable, then OTA HD is falling off the
log easy.  I have a MythTv setup using an HDHomeRun and a pcHDTV 5500.
 The pcHDTV will let you record analog cable where the HDHomeRun will
not, but I was not able to get that working.

Tivo for my family, MythTv for me.

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