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Re: [PLUG] Watching Olympic martial arts online in Linux?

Olympic coverage has stunk for years. I watch it time delayed on Tivo
utilizing FF and 30 second skip.

In the early 90's they had good coverage. In 92/94 For around $100 you
could get PPV channels that showed nearly every event, live with no

> On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 9:42 AM, Art Alexion <>
> wrote:
>> I haven't tried it because I assume it is the same jingoistic coverage
>> that is
>> on NBC-TV ? all Michael Phelps and beach volleyball, all the time ? that
>> is,
>> only sports covered are those in which the US dominates.
> Michael Phelps is setting historic records for number of individual
> gold records, and the beach volleyball is popular with the viewers.
> Viewers like seeing atheltically built people in skimpy beach attire;
> what a surprise! <G>
> But there are other channels showing every event, I'm told.
> I haven't watched much Olympics since maybe the 70s, like the majority
> of viewers. Numbers have been down for years. Popular atheletes, or
> when your country may win the gold - like the women's gymnastics, or
> whatever - bring the ratings. TV stations live by ratings. (except for
> like CSPAN, of course).
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> Michael J. Leone, <>

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