Brian Vagnoni on 1 Sep 2008 11:45:56 -0700

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[PLUG] Digital Mistakes & PLUG Business

(Puts body armor on to prevent head from being bitten off)


Not sure whether I can do this here or at the meeting.
As always I encourage discussion as there is nothing 
personal here nor should anyone ever take anything I
write as a personal attack. I assure you my heart just 
isn't in that place.

I would like to put forth a motion with regard to way the
content of the list archives are handled.

Right now the archives are open to every bot and search
engine out there. I would like to see that changed in a 
way that would asure that only a list registered human
was reading the information. 

As a community I believe we want to enable people to feel
comfortable posting here. This is a human community and 
in a human community mistakes happen. Most human mistakes
are forgiven and forgotten in the real world. Digital
mistakes however take on a life of their own and almost
never go away.

Many forums & lists these days are taking steps to prevent
sites like google from just accessing this information
with ease. For example I block google at my firewall from
indexing my site.

Like I've mentioned before I feel we should be more 
concerned about the big data corporations harvesting
information about us for profit than Schlocko the uberleet
script kiddie from Futardistan.  

Your comments are always welcome.

Brian Vagnoni
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