George Langford on 26 Dec 2008 09:08:16 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Internet connectivity with Verizon MI424-WR router

On December 13th, I wrote:
> Twice in the last few months the ActionTec MI424-WR router supplied
> by Verizon with my FIOS service has been unable to connect to the
> Internet.  Both times I utterly struck out with the phone technicians
> available through the (800) 640-4155 and (888) 553-1555 numbers.  All
> they want to do is (1) reboot the router; (2) reset the router to
> factory settings; or (3) send me a new router.

Add a new response: Admit there's an outage in my area, but only after
an hour on the telephone while going through the standard procedures.

I even tried the new router they sent me - it repeated the same periodic
restarts, but with a twist: instead of a complete reboot, the Internet
light just turns off and on again every minute or so, always orange,
meaning, "no Internet."  So I went back to the old router, rather than
struggle through the 128-bit WEP key, MAC authentication, etc.

The Internet connection came back on in stages - first, the Internet
light on the router changed back to green ... but still no actual
connection to an outside server ... then, at 11:58 (two minutes before
the promised restoration of service) ... Voila ! Connected !

The moral of the story: Patience; have an alternative pathway (mine's
a dialup to  Please note that in the three outages
I've experienced so far, patience would have fixed the problem every

Thanks to all who responded.

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