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Re: [PLUG] FiOS & Linux

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From: Art Alexion

> Also, I understand that we will be getting a new modem/router/switch
> thing.  
> Our current combo appliance provides our LAN switching as well as
> being our 
> internet gateway.  Verizon did not support the LAN setup with DSL.  Is
> this 
> going to be a problem with the new equipment?
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Onsite Verizon techs are like Comcast techs it's very hit or miss. Most want to do as little work as possible and run out the door to sit in their trucks. The average Verizon tech(I have relatives that work for them) does 3 - 4 jobs a day. It fact the union unofficially frowns upon doing more than that. You are considered uppity if you do more. 

You most most likely get a the very exciting Actiontec MI14424WR wireless gateway. It's full of action and tech. :-) WEP is enabled by default, the WEP key is printed on a label on the outside of the router. Default cred's are usually admin, password, or password1 if the tech gets fancy. It's 802.11 b/g sorry no N, non diversity radio.

When it comes to on site service actually caring Verizon and Comcast standard answer is:

Frankly Charlotte I don't give a dam. 

They honestly don't want to touch your equipment. By touching your stuff they become responsible for it. They honestly don't want to run wire in your house as most inside wiring is houses is a nightmare waiting to happen. They honestly want to get out of your house as fast as possible. The easier you make it for them the happier they are. 

When dealing with online tech support, lie.

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