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Re: [PLUG] Internet Provider Wars, part New

On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 3:16 PM, John Von Essen <john@essenz.com> wrote:
> Just a side bar on the whole DTV thing. The people who did the TV Ads
> (FCC?) on it really left out alot of info that the public doesn't know.
> With a roof-antenna in NE Philadelphia and a DTV convertor, I get a
> TON of the normal channels within 25-35 miles (perfectly clear), plus
> all the new extra channels you get as well (I'm really digging the
> 10-3 NBC Sports). When I told a friend about this (who previously was
> against the whole DTV thing) he had no idea about these extra
> channels - as do most poeple - especially non-technical people. If
> people knew they would getting extra channels, they might be more
> open to it. The TV ads just talked about how the picture would be
> clearer, thats it.
> I'm in the same boat as other poeple, theres only like 1 or 2 cable
> channels keeping me from making the switch to 100% OTA.

The only successful argument I've ever heard for keeping cable is for sports.

But if it's Sci-Fi and Comedy Central keeping you paying an extra
$60/month, most everything is available online.
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