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Re: [PLUG] Verizon FiOS?

On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 11:58 AM, Eric Hidle <> wrote:
 > The installer is here now and he is telling me I cannot get direct
 > Ethernet access. I must use their router, which does the first level
 > of NAT for me. He says I cannot get Internet over the Ethernet port.
 > Why all the conflicting stories? Who do I have to call to get this to
 > work the way I want it to?

One of the *key* pieces of detail that everyone forgets in this kind of 
discussion is location!  Where the heck are you?!?  And where the heck 
are all the people claiming this or that?  Also, when did you get hooked 
up, and what plan are you on?  All of this can make a difference as they 
change things over time and in various locations and for various service 
levels and packages.

I got 15/2 residential FiOS 2006-08-16 with no phone, no TV, in 
Collegeville.  I told them the could not touch my copper lines (though I 
have fiber someplace in that loop anyway, which is an issue).  I gave 
the installers a sacrificial Windows machine machine to screw up, though 
I understand that isn't needed any more.  We goofed around until a speed 
test gave me more-or-less what it was supposed to be, then they left. 
Aside from a sloppy job with the conduit (not their fault) and a sloppy 
job with the cable from the conduit through the wall (their fault), it 
went well.

The very next thing I did was yank out the ActionTec and put my real 
firewall in its place.  I probably had to clone the MAC addresses, it's 
been so long I forget now.  Everything has been working fine since that 
day.  I recently called and tried to get a "free" upgrade to 20/5, see

I have used the ActionTec as a Wireless AP on my Comcrap line from time 
to time since then, for testing and such, but otherwise haven't touched it.

Full details here, including pics, if anyone cares at his late date:

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