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Re: [PLUG] Jaunty on Mini-9

On Tuesday 14 April 2009 12:02:46 pm Alex Launi wrote:
> The eeebuntu standard install has thunderbird, 

Not the one I downloaded, but I installed evolution after the fact because I 
feel email is one of the main purposes of a netbook, and find webmail 
cumbersome and unsatisfactory.

> the full open office suite,

It doesn't install the database component.  I would definitely want Writer, 
Calc and Impress installed.  Draw is probably unnecessary.

> banshee, vlc- 

Mine installed Rhythmbox and totem.  No Banshee or VLC

> it's all the stuff you'd want on a notebook. 

First I think that is a chocolate vs. vanilla thing.  Second, I think we are 
talking different [sub]distros as so many of the things you mention aren't 
installed on any of the 5 eee netbooks I have configured.

> Why would you
> need a music library manager on a device that only holds a few gigs of
> data? 

Ours hold 32 gigs of data (in addition to 8 gigs that I install the system 
files to).  I like to listen to music while I do things.  I don't necessarily 
want to depend on streaming to hear my music.

> A client would make more sense. 

See above regarding streaming.

> I've basically stripped mine
> down to just a few things, I've got a stripped down GNOME running as my
> desktop env, 

Which is what installed with the basic eee-ubuntu...

> GNOME Do (a serious must have on a netbook), 

As much as I like its KDE predecessor, katapult, I have never found gnome-do 

> firefox, pidgin,

There is one I could do without, though I can see why others might find it 

> a client (forget the name), and a couple of games.

I could do without the games as well, but I can see why others would want 

I like your idea of a roll your own set of packages, but think that one 
person's necessity is another's bit-bogart.  I appreciate reading your 
preferences because I am usually building these things for other people who 
have different preferences than I do.

The 8 gb system drive has plenty of space to add "when in doubt" packages.  My 
guidelines are (1) does someone want this "on the road"? (2) is this really 
workable with the small screen and touchpad?

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