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Re: [PLUG] OpenStreetMap mapping party next weekend (5/16-17)

On May 10, 2009, at 10:52 AM, Walt Mankowski wrote:
> It's great that you've got hundreds of thousands of people working on
> this project, but is anyone actually checking that the data they're
> entering is accurate?

You're right, the map needs work.  But how does the Linux kernel,  
applications, and documentation get improved?  By people seeing a  
problem and fixing it.  OpenStreetMap is much more approachable, being  
a data wiki and all, with a central database.  But if you mean "how do  
you prevent vandalism?" so far that hasn't been a problem.  Simple  
errors in the imported TIGER data have been greater than any  
vandalism.  We're working on methods to make vandalism more obvious,  
just like Wikipedia had to make tools for tracking edit history and  

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