Lee Marzke on 26 Jun 2009 20:57:22 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Ubuntu 9.04 usb problems after install

The thing is the printer worked,  printed one test page,  then after I
applied updates, all printing quit, lsusb fails to run, and the boot errors
showed up.

This PC is remote so I can't easily debug it from here.

I  dropped the PC in as a Kiosk at Brandywine airport for pilot weather
briefings - but I'm replacing it with another machine in a week or so, which doesn't seem to be having the same problem. Hopefully that will fix it.

The story is that the previous PC for weather lasted about 2 years, and basically
was useless - a few minutes after booting the mouse wouldn't even work.  I'm
surprised it lasted that long,  but maybe it's been inop for a while now.

Luckily the few flight planning applications have all migrated to being web based - so
I no longer have to worry about any Windows apps.

Also the metar and pymetar command line programs allow me to print
one-line summary's of the latest hourly weather for a dozen or so local
stations in a 350 mi radius.


PS:  I taught flight instruction at Brandywine a few years ago (part time)
so I do know what is required for weather info.  Most "official" weather for
a flight has to come directly from FAA sources ( but there is no restriction on
viewing Internet radar or weather sites as extra information )

David A. Harding wrote:
On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 04:56:49PM -0400, Lee Marzke wrote:
So I'm guessing USB is broken by a patch. I reverted the kernel
upgrade that was installed and that didn't help.

If the kernel prints errors even after you revert the kernel, then you
probably have a hardware failure. Check the cords; try replacement cords
if you have them; plug the printer into another computer.

If you still think it's a software problem, try the live CD. Note: if
you dual boot, Windows is a filthy liar. It'll let you print over a bad
link and you won't know there's a problem until leave the printer alone.
When you come back, you'll have 50 pages of gibberish. By nefarious
design, somehow, it'll always be your last fifty pages in the house,
you'll have something due at school or the office early tomorrow
morning, and Staples will be closed for the night.

And when you try telling your professor or your boss that Windows
screwed you, he or she will frown at your story and say, "but I thought
you used Linux?"

Yeah, that's my rant for today,


"Between subtle shading and the absence of light lies the nuance of iqlusion..."  - Kryptos

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