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Re: [PLUG] Upcoming PLUG North Virtualization Roundtable - KVM and Virtualbox experts wanted!

Michael Leone wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 7:02 PM, Lee Marzke<lee@marzke.net> wrote:
>> We went with NFS to a NetAPP FAS instead of  ISCSI or FC.    Since the
>> NetAPP FAS supports  Single Instance
>> Storage (De-duplication )  I found  the storage used for many similar
>> VM's was only 1/5 the space of a non SIS array.
> So wait ... the ESX hosts mount their datastores using NFS, across you
> LAN? Am I missing something here? How is that faster than a direct
> connect using FC?

The most limited design criteria was cost , as this was a department
level solution.

Since engineering was funding ESX hosts, VMware, and storage  the money
not spent on FC and HBA's
was used elsewhere.     Total storage was 2TB on 12 SAS drives,  but
with SIS that was equivalent to
having 8TB or so with no speed penalty for the de-duplication.

If you think about it, disk I/O performance depends on disks, cpu in the
SAN, type of RAID, number of
spindles,  and many other factors.  Using 2 bonded NIC's on a separate
physical LAN and switch is
much more cost effective than FC.

Note that NFS is lower overhead then ISCSI so we gain more performance
there.  Remember your only
sharing the 5 or 7 disk images, and .vmx config files,  and you don't
have security issues on a separate LAN.

In the end I met my budget and was able to run about 2X as many VM's as
planned,   mainly due to
storage efficiencies of SIS.

With FC the project would have never gone forward.     It is an option
for future growth , however.


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