Tim Allen on 28 Aug 2009 06:22:27 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] How to avoid spam blacklists?...

I've done a fair amount of work with throttling. Many hosts (such as
Dreamhost) have built in limits, and will silently discard legitimate
emails if you hit a limit. Dreamhost's default, for example, is 200
per hour. Be sure you check your ISP (if you're using one) before you
start. Being part of a larger ISP with such a policy will help prevent
getting blacklisted, but also means more upfront work.

With Dreamhost, you can get that raised to 500 per hour if you have
opt-in sign up with confirmation. This means, if someone signs up for
an email list, they are sent an email with a confirmation link they
much click to confirm... and you must record the time and IP address
in a DB. This is a best practice anyway, and will go a long way to
showing you're being responsible if you ever have to get off of a

We store all of our outgoing emails in a DB, one per row, with
prioritization. Then a cron job runs every 6 minutes, and sends out 50
each time.

Just my two cents / experience.


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