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Re: [PLUG] How to avoid spam blacklists?...


> I have to agree with Douglas. Without a static IP, you open yourself 
> to a lot of mail related difficulties which include BLs although, this 
> is just the tip of the iceberg (rDNS, valid MX, UCE domains, 
> backscatter, etc...) Although what you are doing is, well, very very 
> cool (imo), you are going to find yourself in a tight and possibly 
> expensive spot later to correct the problems you could have avoided by 
> going with a provider that understands these essentials.
If it makes any difference, Amazon DOES provide me with a stable IP.
Not officially a static IP, but I can reserve it as long as I like
(years, decades, more), even if I terminate and launch various server
instances.  The same IP is reserved for me, and I can instantly
(within seconds) switch it from one Amazon virtual server to another.

So it's not a static IP address, but it's never going to change on
me.  Still, it's in a range of addresses known by the BLs to be
dynamically assigned by Amazon, not a range known to be static.

For more info on such Amazon "elastic" IP addresses, see my tip:

Does that help any?  Or do you think I still need a static IP

I understand the BL issue and the rDNS issue?  What is the "valid
MX issue"?  My MX records are still at Network Solutions, as before,
with the rest of my DNS entries.  All I had to do was change the IP

Also, what is the "UCE domains" issue?  My domain name is clean at
the moment, with no reputation for sending Unsolicited Commercial

Also, what is the "backscatter" issue?  I assume by "backscatter"
you mean the additional e-mail generated by spam (bounce messages,
etc.) as described here, right?  So, what's the issue in my case?


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