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Re: [PLUG] ethics of APs (WAS: Verizon business installs of WiFi AP's)

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zuzu wrote:

> I've been an advocate of the mentality since the
> early adoption of 802.11b circa 2001.  real-life "Wi-Fi" transfer
> rates are far below my 20Mbps symmetric (soon to be upgraded to
> 25Mbps) uplink to FiOS, so why bother trying to "secure" it?  (IMO,
> you're just being a dick by locking out free riders.)  anything
> important like email should be encrypted with SSL connections from the
> client computer anyway.  not to mention all the embedded devices with
> "Wi-Fi" connectivity that don't understand or play nice with anything
> except an open AP.

what i do is i run a LAN and have two networks (can do this quite easily
 on one router with openWRT); a wpa2 (and sometimes freeRADIUS, if i
feel the context needs it) protected network and an open network (both
labeled appropriately).

the open network is a sort of outgoing DMZ; it has no routes to the LAN
and is firewalled appropriately.

so yes, virginia; one CAN have the best of BOTH worlds.
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