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Re: [PLUG] ethics of APs

* zuzu wrote:

> I've been an advocate of the mentality since the
> early adoption of 802.11b circa 2001.  real-life "Wi-Fi" transfer
> rates are far below my 20Mbps symmetric (soon to be upgraded to
> 25Mbps) uplink to FiOS, so why bother trying to "secure" it?  (IMO,
> you're just being a dick by locking out free riders.)  anything
> important like email should be encrypted with SSL connections from the
> client computer anyway.  not to mention all the embedded devices with
> "Wi-Fi" connectivity that don't understand or play nice with anything
> except an open AP.

I ran an open AP for a while.  I had it on a separate VLAN and
everything, so all it could talk to was the Internet.  I don't think it
ever got much use, as I do everything wired inside the home.

But, then I heard about someone at work getting her door kicked in by
the Feds because one of her neighbors was using her (accidently)
unsecured wireless for not-so-legal activity (and I don't mean simply
violating copyrights).  Of course, she was ultimately not held
responsible, but who wants to go through that headache in the first
place?  I'll let some other young idealist take the risk.

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