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Re: [PLUG] ethics of APs

On Wed, Sep 02, 2009 at 10:43:32AM -0400, wrote:
> Citation, please. There are too many "urban legend" and "friend-of-a-friend" 
> stories going around.

here's two from 5 minutes of googling:

but this is only a small and unlikely part of a larger case of liability
which makes a strong case for not leaving an AP open.

having an open network doesn't give you a carte blanche when the cops/feds
come knocking.  even more so if they can show that you knew very well what
you were doing--maybe you didn't do it but they can still go after you
as an accessory and even if you're innocent it will probably be a "generally
unpleasant" thing to go through (courts, time, lawyers, record/reputation, 

but in all honesty i'd be much less worried about the cops/feds busting
down my door because they thought i was a pedo, and more worried about
them coming on the behest of the MAFIAA and taking all my shit because
my downstairs neighbor discovered via my AP.


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