Gordon Dexter on 4 Nov 2009 19:22:44 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Android?

jeff wrote:
Matt Mossholder wrote:
On the other hand, most of the google-provided apps have online sync,
Not an online app guy, but thanks for the info.
The Apps are going to sync there anyway, might as well take advantage of

Don't like online or `cloud'.
I have no issues with the horribly old fashioned `plug it in to sync'.

Is the POP client Google-only?
I have my cyanogen'd MyTouch connecting to my Dovecot IMAPS server in my den.  I run my own cloud, at least as far as email is concerned.  Contacts, calendar, etc I'm not as worried about, I just entered them into Google and they were on my phone within a few minutes.  I know of a few apps that let you backup and restore contact info to a local SD card, but I don't think they support sync with software.  Of course, you may be able to find one that does, or write it if you feel the inclination.

As for the phone and OS, I think it's somewhat underpowered, it can be a bit laggy.  That might be because of all the customization I've done, but I get the impression the MyTouch isn't a workhorse in terms of CPU.  The Android platform, however, seems quite versatile and shiny, and I would recommend it.

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