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Re: [PLUG] Remotely viewing Windows VNC from Ubuntu

n 1/22/10, Edmond Rodriguez <erodrig_97@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I was able to get UltraVNC on XP to work with ssvnc on Linux (did this on my
> own LAN).  I mostly wanted to get the UltraVNC one click to work for
> servicing a computer that has no server installed.   SSvnc (for viewing) has
> a front end for dealing with encryption and maybe other stuff, it talks to a
> server using one port and  a local vncviewer on another port of the same
> client machine. It has many options.
> Is UltraVNC for Windows popular and well known?   I've not figured out how
> to compile it myself, and the One Click source code is available only by
> request as far as I can tell.

UltaVNC happens to be the server on my Windows systems.
Lee, you may want to try it, even though I think *vnc's are real similar.

> For the Windows systems that have remote terminal services, (like Windows
> versions better or more complete than the "home" version, I recall seeing a
> Linux remote desktop utility that connects to the remote services of Windows
> (not VNC).  http://www.rdesktop.org/  Wouldn't that be more efficient if
> possible?  It does require permissions to be set on the Windows machine.
> The lower end Windows do have remote terminal services, but only by
> invitation methods, which rdesktop does not appear to handle.

Prior to Ubuntu's wholesale adoption of vinagre (the 6's), I used
tsclient (Termianl Services Client) to connect to vnc and rdp.

tsclient is still there, but now only does rdp in Ubuntu.
You could give that a whirl.
jim fisher

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