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Re: [PLUG] Remotely viewing Windows VNC from Ubuntu

On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 5:33 PM, jim fisher <> wrote:
> Prior to Ubuntu's wholesale adoption of vinagre (the 6's), I used
> tsclient (Termianl Services Client) to connect to vnc and rdp.
> tsclient is still there, but now only does rdp in Ubuntu.
> You could give that a whirl.

I still use tsclient in Ubuntu 9.10 to connect to an old NT server via
vnc (NT 4.5 is too old to support rdp).  What it doesn't do anymore is
have the convenient panel launcher that presented you with a menu of
all of the servers you had configured.

I like tsclient, too, for its ability to run a windows app as the
shell.  For instance, I run the VMWare vSphere management client as
the shell.  That way, when I log in, I bypass the windows login and go
straight to the vSphere login. Now windows task bar or start menu. To
disconnect, I just exit vSphere.  It runs as if there was a vSphere
app for Linux.  I suppose you could do this with other clients besides
tsclient, but it is really easy to set up in tsclient.  You can do
this with other apps besides vSphere, like the AD management console.

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