Casey Bralla on 23 Mar 2010 03:04:35 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] vm in a vm = odd mouse behavior in windows server

On Tuesday 23 March 2010 5:58:29 am Art Alexion wrote:
> On Monday 22 March 2010 17:19:12 Casey Bralla wrote:
> > I suppose there is some type of good reason you're virtualizing WinServer
> > inside VMWare instead of just letting it run under VirtualBox.  (I can't
> > guess  what that reason would be, but it seems too bizarre not to be well
> > thought out.)
> Not as bizarre as it sounds.  The 2008 server is one of about 30 running on
> 4 esx servers that form my company's infrastructure.
> VirtualBox is the way that I run some windows-only admin tools on my Linux
> desktop. vSphere which is the admin client for the esx cluster is win-only
> (in spite of the fact that the esx host is Linux)
> The weird part about this, though is that my Rube Goldberg-esque setup
> works fine on all of the servers in the cluster except 2008R2.  2003-2008
> work fine.

Hmmmm...   I still think it's related to virtualized interrupts on the USB 
mouse.  Have you tried futzing around with the mouse settings in both the host 
and the client?


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