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Re: [PLUG] Recent VOIP Experience Anyone?

Using DSL here with minimum POTS verizon service about $20/month for phone
with caller ID. Use Asterisk to route local non toll calls to POTS and
other calls to VOIP which is CallWithUs premium. It has been reasonably
good over the years. It is about 1.5 cents/min prepay. You only pay for
what you use and it does not expire. I also sip route to my vacation home
in Cape May. All incoming calls, which are free, come in via POTS line.
Doing it this way requires a computer of some type and not just an ATA. I
suspect in the future I will simplify and go just VOIP with digital phones
or ATA's. The nice thing about CallWithUS is they allow you to set your
caller ID. Many VOIP providers do not. So I can set it to my POTS number.
They also allow multple simultaneous calls.

Having Asterisk run things is nice and you can do so many things BUT the
big problem is what happens if something were to happen to you, the
"maintainer." I worry about that as my wife would not have a clue. So
either simplifying it or leaving instructions on what to do in that case
would be a good thing!


On Sat, 18 Sep 2010, John Karr wrote:

> Who is currently using a VOIP service in place of a Landline? Who are you
> using and are you happy?
> ==========================================
> I'm asking because I just got sucked into FIOS by Verizon, which has created
> a nightmare in porting my number. Further I'm finding phone to be the least
> satisfying part of the package, the website management of phone features
> totally sucks and I have not been able to obtain or find a user guide for
> service.
> On the plus side my FIOS speed (on the basic package) is 20x what I had on
> DSL.
> To keep my old POTS line through Cavtel will cost about $65 a month, so I'm
> looking at alternatives, and I happen to have a Motorola VT1005 VOIP Adapter
> sitting in my basement.
> My experience indicates that if you are switching to Verizon and porting a
> number from another carrier that you are likely to have difficulty -- if
> they install FIOS and do not port your number -- do not accept the delivery
> and instruct them to remove the FIOS -- and restart the order as a copper
> order to port your number and reorder FIOS only once Verizon has your
> number. Second while the line quality of Digital Voice seems (from limited
> use) to be excellent, the features are a problem, some features are
> controlled from your phone, some from the Verizon website. Verizon will not
> remove bundled services that you don't want. To manage your phone service
> from the web you must first register your fios at myverizon. Then you must
> place a self-service order for a feature, and having worked my way through
> this process I still can't access the management features tech support is
> telling me to use.
> Since Cavtel is getting rich from Verizon not having my number and since I'm
> running out of patience with Verizon's voice service (and tired of them
> failing to port my number), I'm seriously considering a VOIP Service.
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