JP Vossen on 9 Jul 2012 19:47:29 -0700

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[PLUG] Amazon MP3 Downloader

Summary: clamz 0.4 just allowed me to download MP3s from Amazon without their crap downloader, from the CLI, on 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04.

We've been using DRM-free Amazon MP3 downloads for a while, while successfully avoiding their BS "downloader" but tonight we got stuck. I'm not sure why, but for whatever reason we couldn't get around it. They pretend to support Ubuntu, but the package is a 32-bit .deb build for 9.04! That is not going to work well on 64-bit 10.04, much less 12.04+.

Possible solutions:
X Banshee has a plug-in in Ubuntu 11.x+ which does not help me on 10.04 (well OK I could have used, but which may be easier/nicer on 12.04+.
X has a CLI and GUI, but:
	* Was not in the repos
	* Does not have a package that I found
	* Does not have an un-installer
	* Did not work for me (various Python exceptions)
* is CLI only, but:
	* Not to be confused with ClamAV (Anti-Virus)
	* 0.5 IS in the 12.04 Universe repo
	* 0.4 is in a PPA for 10.04 = WORKED
	* 0.4 is in Debian Squeeze repos

So I ended up manually downloading and installing 0.4 from the PPA on 10.04 and that Just Worked. Since I was just going to move the files from my wife's workstation to the file server anyway, I *should* have installed 0.4 from the Squeeze repo and done it there. I just tried that, and it worked (again), which is a feature since normally you can't re-download stuff without jumping through hoops, though I'm not sure if it's time-locked somehow. I could have moved to a 12.04 machine and used Banshee or the 0.5 clamz, but I hadn't quite wrapped my head around the encrypted *.amz file yet.

This Just Worked using clamz 0.4 on Lucid & Squeeze:
	$ clamz Amazon-MP3-1341nnnnnn.amz

I'd say we should raise a stink about this, but Google showed me lots of people complaining about the problem and saying they had raised a stink and got nowhere. :-( Boo Amazon...

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