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Re: [PLUG] "playing nicely with others"

Also, a big part of this is how you browse the web and how you block the web. 

== Browsing the Web ==

I use NoScript with Firefox for browsing.  I have most plug-ins disabled save for flash (I don't even usually run Java).  This should be a requirement for you on any machine you use to browse the web.

== Blocking the Web ==

You should also consider running your own DNS and filter the web using DNS poisoning.  That's what I do at home and works well for protecting all of my devices (Windows, PS3, XBOX, mobile phones over wifi, XYZ web browsing device).

DNS Poisoning using BIND (named).

I'll even give you a copy of a portion of my DNS configuration.  This way you can get started more quickly.

/etc/named.conf + named.conf.log + named.conf.malicious located in /etc/named/ has the majority of the "ad domains" which I block.  The list I provided you is blocking 2864 domains.

/var/named/poison is where the DNS poisoning magic happens.

That should be more than enough to get you on your way.  To enable/disable ad-blocking using DNS simple comment out the include directives at the bottom of named.conf and restart the named daemon.  That's how I do most of my protection at home and it has been very successful.  Any time there is a crappy domain I don't want to see any more I just add it to my list of poisoned domains.  A real cool side-effect with all of this is that ads and websites inside of flash players are inherently blocked as well without the need to block all flash.

Pretty neat.

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