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Re: [PLUG] Solaris backup/restore

Ha!  I've done more research prior to my 3:30 meeting with the Solaris admin - including re-reading Rich K's email twice.

Finally, I get it.  This isn't my father's file system :-D

dd looks like it might stand for double disaster if the server uses zfs (which it very well might.)   
I'm reading about zfs utilities including zfsdump.  


On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 12:56 PM, Eric Lucas <> wrote:
I've been doing some research on flash archives and they might work.  We don't have a second Sun box available but we do have nfs shares available on a Linux server.  Unfortunately there is a lot of data so I'd have to flarcreate, flar split, and then burn all the pieces to DVDs.  Restoration is the reverse I'm guessing.  

I may have to resort to dd from the console with the system quiescent.  I'm not happy with that because dd backs up empty space so I'd have to pipe it through gzip.  Then I'm stuck with splitting the file into DVD-sized chunks.and the restore seems like it might be a nightmare.  

Fortunately, I'll get to talk one-on-one with a Solaris admin soon so I'll have some expert help.

I'm really impressed with mondo rescue for linux - it's an automated way to essentially image your system to one or more DVDs, flash drives, or iso images.  It speaks sshfs and nfs too.

If you select the 'nuke' option when restoring then the disk is partitioned and formatted as it was at the time of backup and then the files are restored from archives.  It worked perfectly every time I tested it.

Now, if there were only a mondo rescue for Solaris :-)


On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 3:57 PM, <> wrote:
If you had a 2nd Sun system, you could leverage flash archives (flars).  Flars, in combination with any supported incremental backup solution of your choice, are a very good solution to quickly restoring your OS partitons on a system.  It does require a 2nd Sun system on the same subnet to manage the flars and restores.


----- Eric Lucas <> wrote:
> I'm preparing a proposal to set up and document backup/restore procedures
> for a series of Linux computers and a Sun Solaris 10 computer.  They want
> to use Mondo Rescue for the Linux systems and I'll work that out... it's
> the Solaris box that I'm not sure about.
> Their backup requirement is very specific - they simply want to be able to
> drop in two new HDs (RAID mirror), boot from a DVD, and then restore the
> entire system exactly as it was.  The restore needs to be entirely from
> DVDs.  They suggested using dd and scripting it but I know the disks (200
> GB) are not full so using dd seems like a crazy waste of space (DVDs full
> of nothing.)
> I'm not familiar with Solaris - anybody know what they have to perform this
> type of operation?
> Thanks
> Eric
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