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Re: [PLUG] Back to wordpress


To be fair, getting Wordpress running has not been the problem, the problems
start when I try to port the site developed by someone else. They develop on
Macs and host on Windows so have not been a lot of help. The initial manual
install of wordpress worked fine and only took a couple of hours. A few
other problems are ones that a VM install would have problems with too, like
configuring Apache2 for the host names and pointing it to the correct
folder, and adding sub folders at the same level as wp-content added by the
developer, etc.


On 03/05/2014 02:31 PM, Eric H. Johnson wrote:
> I got it installed but I am not sure I follow as to what I need to do

I really dislike the way these kinds of "web-app" tools totally disregard
the package and update system and just do whatever they feel like.  I
understand why it works this way, and why that makes sense from the
developer's perspective.  But from an end-user or end-admin perspective it's
really a giant pain.

And I'm not the only one.  Maybe you mentioned this and I'm forgetting, but
is there some reason you can't just use one of these:

Note, these are not hosted solutions (well, they can be), they are pre-built
VMs and installers.  Turnkey has a large number of VM formats for Debian
VMs, Bitnami has some VMs and various self-contained installers for a bunch
of OSs (Windows is prominent; ignore that and drill down!).

I wasted about 5 hours last fall trying to get Redmine up and running on
CentOS for $WORK, then gave up and had the Bitnami stack up in 10 minutes,
almost all of which was waiting for the installer to finish. 
I'd previously done a proof-of-concept using the Turnkey VM (*really* easy),
but $WORK uses CentOS and not Debian, so...

I should have mentioned all of this sooner, not sure why I didn't.

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