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Re: [PLUG] Back to wordpress

On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 3:58 PM, Doug Stewart <> wrote:
> RPMs and DEBs are a pain, particularly when compared with a .tar.gz. Simple
> as that. Plus there's package maintenance. Nobody is building those sorts of
> things at the web app level. I am 100% certain that if you had a solution
> that would auto-build WP packages for all major distros on version bumps,
> the Core WordPress team would be more than willing to listen, and Otto/Nacin
> would perhaps consider throwing it up on

By that kind of logic, we should just all run Linux-from-scratch.  No
tool makes it easy to auto-build packages for all major distros on
version bumps for anything.  Frankly, a web-based app is much easier
to package up than most since you don't have to worry about linking it
against 300 different variations in library versions.

However, most upstream development teams share this attitude, which is
why distros do most of the packaging themselves.  I can probably count
on one hand the number of upstreams that create Gentoo ebuilds, and
yet Gentoo has about 38k package-versions in the repository.

Sure, a tarball makes it easy to install one thing once.  The problem
is that a typical GNU/Linux system has hundreds of packages installed
with a half-dozen being updated daily.  That is painful to manage on
Slackware, let alone with nothing but tarballs.

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