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Re: [PLUG] msmtp looks like it works.....


Ok, I would definitely recommend checking out Zimbra.  I've used horde and squirrelmail before and Zimbra simply is light years ahead.  It's truly corporate quality and I think the only major thing missing in the community (i.e. foss) version is the native activesync protocol so that on mobile devices you only need one account to sync everything.  That might not matter to you but at least on android there is a caldav app that allows for calendar sync.  I use IMAPS for mail but it supports encrypted POP3 as well.  There is contactdav for contact sync if I recall correctly too.

It does have keyboard short cuts but I never use them.

It has tags and filters but I don't use those [yet?] either.  I'm a heavy gmail user so I complete agreed with your assessment of gmail.  I would say Zimbra is exceptionally close.  In some ways I find it better because I have find control over the platform.  You can set up the standard way to do things and then allow system or user overrides at various levels.

If it seem interesting you, I could give you an account to play around with.  Zimbra also as free trail at

I'll be at the PLUG meeting tonight if you want to talk more about it.

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On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 2:01 PM, Keith C. Perry
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 If I'm understanding you correctly, you want to POP3 mail from a
 remote server to a local server under your control.  It is from that
 local server that you would have all the features... 1) web client 2)
 mobile client 3) filters / tags 4) keyboard short cuts...

 Is that correct?

Nope.  The email starts out on a server I control.  I'm using POP3 to
get it off of that server onto Gmail, so that have #1-4.  If I could
host something that offered all that stuff I'd be more than happy to
do so.  I've yet to see a FOSS tag-based mail storage system, let
alone a web-based client with keyboard shortcuts, etc.

With Gmail I can look at my inbox, and do nothing more than hit
pgdown, followed by #, e, !, or j/k for 99% of my mail.  # and e are
buttons at the top of the screen on the android client.

With solutions like squirrelmail/roundcube I end up having to pick a
folder after reading each email to sort my mail, instead of
pre-sorting it or just using search to find things later.  They lack
the whole inbox vs archive concept found in Gmail, which works
differently that traditional folder-based storage systems.

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