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[PLUG] Backup systems (was Re: Wanted...)

On 12/17/2016 01:17 PM, Rich Kulawiec wrote:
So the sysadmin set up an offsite backup system.  It had a retention
and rotation schedule.  It had catalogs.  It had encryption.  It had
compression.  It had checking (in order to avoid the all-too-familiar and
entirely sad story of we-have-backups-oh-wait-no-we-don't-they're-unreadable).
It had redundancy to mitigate most single points of failure.  It had an
archiving function for finished work.  It had a disaster recovery
mechanism (and that was tested to avoid another kind of sad story).
It was built entirely on open-source software plus a few bits
of shell and Perl.  The code was documented(!).  The code  was
commented(!!).  There was even a formal document that explained
the whole thing: rationale, policy, procedure, etc.

It worked perfectly -- zero recovery failures -- for most of a decade.
And it scaled just fine as the operation grew from terabytes of storage
toward half a petabyte.  All was serene and calm and boring -- which is
of course how sysadmins want things like backup systems to be.

So Rich, when's the talk?  I'd love to hear all the details on this!

I use a somewhat messy mix of BackupPC, BoxBackup and rsync/shell and it wouldn't work for anyone but me. But we *all* have this problem and it sounds like Rich put something worth talking about together. Let's hear about it.

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