Walt Mankowski via plug on 22 Oct 2020 14:15:14 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Linux mount of Windows share keeps dropping

On Thu, Oct 22, 2020 at 04:55:36PM -0400, Keith via plug wrote:
> Ah... ok, the version thing definitely was/is a thing but I haven't had to
> use that trick in at least 10 years.  Structurally speaking what I'm going
> after is a refreshing of stale links.  The network connection is at a lower
> level than the user so, for instance, I use this same technique for
> "healing" SIP carrier connections for VoIP servers.  All you are doing is
> making sure the connection is available.  Your applications will have no
> knowledge of those lower level lower details.  Either apps can access files
> or not so this type of thing is benign (i.e. it fails silently if you are
> still connected).  Playing with the version numbers may yield some relief
> but typically with that solution it was about forcing the share protocol
> down to an earlier version.  1.0 might be too old so you may need to use
> something higher.

This morning I tried mounting it with every version listed in the
manpage for mount.cifs. 1.0 is the only one that worked.

Aside from that I'm not sure I understand what it is you're suggesting
I do. Remounting it requires entering both my local password (for
sudo) and my network password, so it would be tricky doing that via
something like cron.


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