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Re: [PLUG] Free SVG IT/network architecture images?

On 5/23/22 11:59, brent timothy saner via plug wrote:
On 5/23/22 11:35, Keith C. Perry via plug wrote:
I use DIa for all my diagramming but even if you don't, you might be able to pull the SVG images from their library.

Yep. Personally I prefer Dia, but there are some other Linux-native ones
that come bundled with icons (note that the directory referenced is from
a package installation on Arch; your locations may vary, and be sure to
review the licenses on these too):

- edrawmax

Dishonorable mentions:

- kdiagram
   They use a non-SVG format that seems to be compiled directly in, or it
seems to be some sort of strange plugin system at a glance.

- pencil
   While technically a GUI mockup tool rather than a diagram tool, they
have a lot of icons to choose from (and more here: The
Pencil-native format does not seem to be strictly SVG, however; it seems
to be some kind of strange web-ized version.

Thanks guys.  So far, for Dia, edrawmax, and Pencil:
~ Dia looks like a great tool, but the icons are PNG or `*.shape` (see below)
x Pencil (pencil2d) wanted to install a ton of drivers and libraries I didn't want
x edrawmax was not in the repo and I hate going outside the package system

The `dia-shapes` and `dia-common` packages had well over 2K images, but nearly all were PNG or .shape.  And the *.shape files (which `file` says is SVG), are odd and actually broke Graphviz even if renamed, sounds like the Pencil ones above.

Other Fail:
x Fortigate: = FAIL, it's PPX:

Silent fail in Graphviz:
x From the Mint repos:
x -->

* (Best for far) Open Security Architecture: OSA Icon Library 13.05 -->
* Not that useful: /usr/share/icons/Mint-*

Work, but seem to be one-at-a-time downloads and I don't have the time or patience for that:
	* e.g.:
	* e.g.:

I guess this kind of thing is like tax software, tedious and painful so you only do it when you get paid for it.  :-)

FWIW, I'm bad at diagrams, which is one reason I want to do them in code, but I have used the cross-platform (now and found it simple.  Dia looks like it might be better, but not quite as simple.  Simple is good, for me.  :-)  Also, is packaged and allowed on my $WORK machine, which is a big win there.

Thanks for thinking about it,
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