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Re: [PLUG] Free SVG IT/network architecture images?

On 5/24/22 22:00, Walt Mankowski via plug wrote:
Yeah, when the first step is "learn LaTeX" that's going to be an issue for most people. :)

It does make nice graphs, though, as you can see from the figure I've attached from my dissertation. But there's definitely a learning curve. I knew LaTeX pretty well by the time I made that, and I still needed help from our local expert to make it look nice.

DAMN YOU!  Challenge accepted.  :-)

This only took about 20 mins (and 2 googles), it's not...awful, try it in
graph {

    A [label="Canno\nnical",style=filled,color=blue]
    B [label="set",style=filled,color=blue]
    C [label=" ",style=filled,color=black]
    D [label=" ",style=filled,color=black]
    E [label=" ",style=filled,color=black]

    // MUST be a "cluster" to have a border!
    /*subgraph cluster_ab {
        shape=circle  // And subgraph clusters are ONLY a box
        A [label=" ",style=filled,color=blue]
        B [label=" ",style=filled,color=blue]
        A -- B [color=blue]
    } */
    // But this block FAILS, because last cluster wins, and B is in BC below

    A -- B [label="intra edge",color=blue]
    A -- C [color=orange]
    A -- D [color=orange]
    A -- E [color=orange]
    subgraph {
        B -- C
    B -- D [label="cut",penwidth=3,color=orange]
    B -- E [label="edges",penwidth=3,color=orange]
    C -- D
    C -- E
    subgraph {
        D -- E

I find Graphviz kind of like Ansible, easy to read but quite odd to write.  And sort of the opposite of Perl.  ;-)

Mermaid is just a disaster, I gave up after another 30+ mins.
flowchart LR
    A((" "))
    B((" "))
    C((" "))
    D((" "))
    E((" "))

    A --- B
    A --- C
    A --- D
    A --- E
    subgraph bc
        B --- C
    B --- D
    B --- E
    C --- D
    C --- E
    subgraph de
        D --- E

I don't know what the heck it's doing, you can't change the shape of a subgroup, and styling it involved a bunch of variables and CSS I don't feel like diving into.

Or, more Markdown, much simpler, but just as much fail:
    A((" ")) --- B & C & D & E
    B((" ")) --- C & D & E
    C((" ")) --- D & E
    D((" ")) --- E((" "))

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