Michael C. Toren on Sun, 29 Jun 2003 16:05:23 -0400

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Re: [tcptra-dev] tcptraceroute test suite

> >Are you able to successfully traceroute to either or
> > if you specify the device to use by hand?
> No. That is, the attaching works fine, but the actual traceroute fails. 
> (Just a bunch of *s).
> >Another test to help determine if it's a libpcap problem might be to
> >see if tcpdump can attach to the loopback interface.  Something like:
> >
> >	tcpdump -n -i lo0
> This is a very useless command on Solaris. First off, Solaris comes with 
> snoop, so tcpdump is not often installed. Secondly, packets sent over 
> the loopback interface on Solaris do not travel high enough down and up 
> the IP stack to be able to be sniffed. This is a major drawback when 
> troubleshooting local connections: anything sent over lo0 cannot be seen 
> by snoop or pcap.


> Looks like this will never work on Solaris.

Yes, I think you're right.  Oh, well.  At least tracing to remote systems
now works under Solaris as of 1.3, even if tracing to the localhost fails.

I just modified the testsuite script so that it now attempts every test,
instead of the old behavior of bailing out the first time a test fails.
When you have a moment, can you please download a new copy and mail me
it's output on your Solaris system?


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