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Re: [PhillyOnRails] Nov/Dec meeting

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My team has been doing remote agile for about a year; I'm always interested refining our game.  Here are some of my questions:

1.  What are some good ways to manage the ongoing mapping between the original big "Release Stories" and small the "Iteration Stories" that actually get worked?

2.  What estimation strategies have worked best with you?  How many times do you 'refine' a Story estimate?

3.  Do you use the Story/Task metaphor?  We do, and it seems to work, but I notice a lot of teams don't use Tasks (written in tech speak, estimated by the developer who owns the parent Story).  I'm curious about some of the trade-offs, and of course would be willing to try dropping Tasks if I saw enough potential benefit. 

4.  What agile project management apps can you recommend for a remote team? 


On Nov 19, 2007 11:20 AM, David Bogus <> wrote:
I'm doing the agile talk and I'd like it to be well received and
helpful so if you have a minute, I like you to use it to help me
understand what I should focus my talk on.

What are your top three questions about agile?

If you don't have three questions about agile you could answer mine.

Whats the first thing you associate with agile development?

Whats is the dumbest idea you've heard of thats been called agile?

What would be the hardest thing to do to practice agile tommorow?

Why are you a developer?

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