Beldon on Tue, 9 Jan 2001 19:57:26 -0500

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Re: [PLUG] february meeting location - convention center / cigna

On Tuesday 09 January 2001 15:05, you wrote:

> > At the last (january) meeting, there was discussion of holding the next
> (february) meeting at cigna instead of the convention center.
> I didn't notice significant objection at the meeting.  Either way, we
> should make a decesion.

I'd really rather give it at CIGNA.  But, then again, I would, wouldn't I?

As far as what happens after I leave, I'm currently searching for a patron to 
act as host for PLUG at CIGNA.  It might be a longshot, but I thought getting 
the room at all was a longshot.  There is a lot of corporate interest in 
Linux, and a bevy of happy techs would be a great recruitment pool.

I'm meeting with my uber-director tomorrow and see if he has some ideas as to 
where to look.

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